2012 Publications

1 Reaction of Acetals with Various Carbon Nucleophiles under Non-Acidic Conditions: C-C bond Formation via a Pyridinium-Type SaltH. Fujioka, K. Yahata, T. Hamada, O. Kubo, T. Okitsu, Y. Sawama, T. Ohnaka, T. Maegawa, Y. Kita Chemistry An Asian Journal, 7, 367-373. (2012)

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2 Oxidative Rearrangement of Spiro Cyclobutane Cyclic Aminals: Efficient Construction of Bicyclic AmidinesK. Murai, H. Komatsu, R. Nagao, H. Fujioka Organic Letter 14, 772-775. (2012).

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3 Stereoselective Synthesis of cis-2,5-Disubstituted THFs: Application to Adjacent bis-THF Cores of Annonaceous AcetogeninsH. Fujioka, R. Maehata, S. Wakamatsu, K. Nakahara, T. Hayashi, T. Oki Organic Letter 14, 1054-1057. (2012).


4 C3-symmentric Trisimidazoline-Catalyzed Enantioselective Bromolactonization of Internal Alkenoic AcidsK. Murai, A. Nakamura, T. Matsushita, M. Shimura, H. Fujioka Chemistry–A European Journal, 18, 8448-8453. (2012).


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5 Preparation of THP-Ester-Derived Pyridinium-Type Salts and their Reactions with Various NucleophilesH. Fujioka, Y. Minamitsuji, T. Moriya, K. Okamoto, O. Kubo, T. Matsushita, K Murai Chemisty–An Asian Journal, 7, 1925-1933. (2012).


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6 Reactivity of the ester group attached isoxazoline, benzisoxazole, and isoxazole: A facial preparation of 3-acyl-substituted these heterocyclesK. Murai, S. Miyazaki, H. Fujioka Tetrahedron Lett., 53, 3746-3749 (2012).


7 μ-oxo-bridged hypervalent iodine(III) compound as an extreme oxidant for aqueous oxidation T. Dohi, T. Nakae, N. Takenaga, T. Uchiyama, K. Fukushima, H. Fujioka, Y. Kita Synthesis 44, 1183-1189 (2012)
8 A Mild and Versatile Method for the Synthesis of Alkyl Ethers from Methoxymethyl Ethers and Application to the Preparation of Sterically Crowded Ethers

Y. Minamitsuji, A. Kawaguchi, O. Kubo, Y. Ueyama, T. Maegawa, H. Fujioka Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 354, 1861-1866 (2012)


9 Effects of Phosphorus Substituents on Reactions of α-Alikoxyphosphonium Salts with NucleophilesA. Goto, K. Otake, O. Kubo, Y. Sawama, T. Maegawa, H. Fujioka Chemistry–A Europian Journal, 18, 11423-11432. (2012)


11 Asymmetric Total Synthesis of (-)-Stenine and 9a-epi-StenineH. Fujioka, K. Nakahara, N. Kotoku, Y. Ohba, Y. Nagatomi, T-L. Wang, Y. Sawama, K. Murai, K. Hirano, T. Oki, S. Wakamatsu, Y. Kita Chemistry–A Europian Journal, 18, 13861-13870. (2012)


12 Selective Deprotection of Methylene Acetal and MOM Ether in the Presence of Ketal-Type Protective Groups: Remarkable Effect of TBSOTfT. Maegawa, Y. Koutani, K. Senami, K. Yahata, H. Fujioka Heterocycles, 86, 455. (2012)


13 Asymmetric Dearomatizing Spirolactonization of Naphthols Catalyzed by Spirobiindane-Based Chiral Hypervalent Iodine SpeciesT. Dohi, N. Takenaga, T. Nakae, Y. Toyoda, M. Yamasaki, M. Shiro, H. Fujioka, A. Maruyama, Y. Kita Journal of the American Chemical Society, ASAP.
14 Method for the Efficient Synthesis of Highly-Substituted Oxetan- and Azetidine-,Dihydrofuran-and Pyrrolidine-3-ones and Its Application to the Synthesis of (±)-PseudodeflectusinT. Maegawa, K. Otake, K. hirosawa, A. Goto, H. Fujioka Organic Letters, 14, 4798-4801. (2012)




1 Intramolecular haloetherification of ene- and diene-acetals: asymmetric synthesis involving chiral oxonium ion intermediates H. Fujioka Synlett 23, 825-836. (2012). 2012_sou_001
2 Marine Pyrroloiminoquinone alkaloids Y. Kita, H. Fujioka Topics in Current Chemistry 309, 131-162. (2012). 2012_sou_002